Rat's Nest

Curtains, Accents and Bigfoot

Decorating and organizing have always been a favorite past-time of mine. It eases my mind and helps destress me. The most recent time that décor has mattered in my life is with the development of my dorm room. I am a freshman in college, living in a three-person dorm room so naturally space efficiency was crucial to creating a livable space. I wanted my room to be a fun and enjoyable space that I could relax in and do homework in. I used this space to express my personality and really let my creativity shine. I am a very colorful and vibrant person and I wanted my dorm to reflect that.

The difficult part about designing my room was that I didn’t want to waste any space. The dorms are already small, to begin with, and I was placed in a room with two other girls, making space even more limited. My goal was to create a cute, comfy area that was also practical. Everything in my dorm serves a purpose and nothing is simply just for decoration. I have bright colorful accents all around my room, from my bedding to my bath towels. I used colorful pots to give the room energy and filled them with a variety of items such as makeup brushes and snacks. I strung lights along the walls and taped pictures of all my favorite memories near my bed.

I am extremely proud of how my dorm turned out and I always receive compliments from my hallmates. The reason that creating a decorated dorm space was important to me is that I am very far away from home and I wanted a space that felt homey. My dorm is truly a home away from home. It is a safe, cute, and comfortable place that I can enjoy. I organized it to be perfect for socializing, studying, and simply just relaxing. It is a perfect representation of myself and what I enjoy.