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Interior Design Is Not For The Light of Heart

Every career and major has some sort of stereotype attached to it. Computer science majors are antisocial nerds, while those in business are ruthless and outgoing. If you happen to be a design major, like me, then it is quite typical for people to think you are artistic in every single aspect of your life, including fashion and room decorating. One cannot truly feel artistic if their living space is not able to inspire in some way, correct?


This line of thinking could not be anywhere further from the truth for me. While I focused a lot on my living space as a kid, my motivation to use decor depleted dramatically once I got into college. To be quite honest, it was a side effect of my depression and poor mental health manifesting in awful ways. My desire to create, despite being a design major, had been put on the back burner and was replaced with both apathy and an extreme lack of energy. My room was an absolute mess for the first few years of college and my barren walls were completely empty. There were absolutely no photos of my friends or family to be seen. It was a very comical and saddening juxtaposition.


One day, after a designer coding class, I was looking for area rugs in Lancaster PA. After creating a few, I became enamored by the color palette and photos together and made some more with different themes. Pretty soon I was finding lots of inspiration for plant-oriented households and founds bloggers’ advice on thrifting for old-fashioned pots and glassware. This began my subtle journey into room decor. I purchased prints and decor from local artists, picked up some fragrant spring flowers and plants from the local farmers market, and began to pick up my hurricane of a bedroom, piece by piece. I felt like the walls needed to match the rustic look of the room and started hanging up sketches and paintings of my own. I even started to cook a little more, rather than succumb to laziness and purchase meals all the time. The color was being brought back into my life again, and I was welcoming it with open arms.


Now, I did not decide to tell this little story to claim that decor was able to magically cure my depression, because, of course, it’s never that simple. However, my environment directly impacted my mood and encouraged me to change in subliminal ways. I found another creative outlet that truly made me happy to get up and do something more. When I woke up every morning to water my plants, I felt so happy with the calm surroundings. Decorating is able to create an atmosphere and display all the things you love in one place. Whether it was art, greenery, or photos of my friends, I felt truly at home and alive once again.



Decorating My New Apartment with Rugs, Paint and Rearranging

I live at home with my mother and we have a small cottage near Lake Ontario. My bedroom is literally 12 x 12. (Not much room for anything). I did have a full bedroom set with a queen size bed, triple dresser, armoire and two nightstands in the room. There was no room to move and although the furniture was beautiful the room was depressing because I felt so cramped.


The room is still small but now I have room to move around. The room feels cleaner and brighter and the beautiful accent rugs in the center of the room gives a warm and soft feel to the environment as well. Now that I can fit a desk and chair in the room I enjoy relaxing and studying. I have learned the value of proper decorating and how it affects your mood and emotional well-being. Decorating a space that is yours can show who you are, what you like, and how you do you. One decoration can show a million different stories and facts about yourself. Decorating can also help embracing yourself and inspiring yourself in many ways.


Curtains, Accents and Bigfoot

Decorating and organizing have always been a favorite past-time of mine. It eases my mind and helps destress me. The most recent time that décor has mattered in my life is with the development of my dorm room. I am a freshman in college, living in a three-person dorm room so naturally space efficiency was crucial to creating a livable space. I wanted my room to be a fun and enjoyable space that I could relax in and do homework in. I used this space to express my personality and really let my creativity shine. I am a very colorful and vibrant person and I wanted my dorm to reflect that.

The difficult part about designing my room was that I didn’t want to waste any space. The dorms are already small, to begin with, and I was placed in a room with two other girls, making space even more limited. My goal was to create a cute, comfy area that was also practical. Everything in my dorm serves a purpose and nothing is simply just for decoration. I have bright colorful accents all around my room, from my bedding to my bath towels. I used colorful pots to give the room energy and filled them with a variety of items such as makeup brushes and snacks. I strung lights along the walls and taped pictures of all my favorite memories near my bed.

I am extremely proud of how my dorm turned out and I always receive compliments from my hallmates. The reason that creating a decorated dorm space was important to me is that I am very far away from home and I wanted a space that felt homey. My dorm is truly a home away from home. It is a safe, cute, and comfortable place that I can enjoy. I organized it to be perfect for socializing, studying, and simply just relaxing. It is a perfect representation of myself and what I enjoy.


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