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Decorating My New Apartment with Rugs, Paint and Rearranging

I live at home with my mother and we have a small cottage near Lake Ontario. My bedroom is literally 12 x 12. (Not much room for anything). I did have a full bedroom set with a queen size bed, triple dresser, armoire and two nightstands in the room. There was no room to move and although the furniture was beautiful the room was depressing because I felt so cramped.


The room is still small but now I have room to move around. The room feels cleaner and brighter and the beautiful accent rugs in the center of the room gives a warm and soft feel to the environment as well. Now that I can fit a desk and chair in the room I enjoy relaxing and studying. I have learned the value of proper decorating and how it affects your mood and emotional well-being. Decorating a space that is yours can show who you are, what you like, and how you do you. One decoration can show a million different stories and facts about yourself. Decorating can also help embracing yourself and inspiring yourself in many ways.


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