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Interior Design Essentials – Area Rugs

Decor plays an important role in every aspect of life and time. It has its place in every space and is determined on the purpose of the building as well as the rooms within. In addition, the decor of a space or building relays not only functionality but also style. Style and the decor give off feelings and emotion to those that enter the building or space. It can give one a sense of comfort and relaxation when the decor uses calm, warm colors.  It can also have the opposite effect of using grey and dark colors and materials.  I experienced this first hand while visiting a college constructed entirely from concrete.  Despite it being a sunny day, the atmosphere surrounding me was a dark, dismal, cold uninviting environment to be in. I knew immediately, this was not the place for me.


However, decor and environment affect everyone differently. Others reaction to this same college were different from mine.  They felt as if they had entered into a place and time of the future. They found the decor and environment to be exciting and interesting as well as intriguing.  I began to wonder what the architects were trying to reflect in their design in addition to the functionality of the buildings and space. Decor has the power to evoke thought and discussion much like a piece of art.  Decor has the ability to reflect time too.  Time of the present, future as well as the past. It can bring one to a time of an era gone by if space has been preserved much like the mansions of Newport.  Decor and style go hand in hand. Not only does the preserved decor transcend us back in time but also gives a sense of grandeur. In conclusion, decor matters on many levels as it unconsciously affects many aspects of people’s lives.


One of my favorite ways to add spice and style and style to my life is through the use of area rugs. They will really amp up your space and make your friend’s jealous if the

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